Tamiya M Chassis

DDRCC are now running these cars every week at Lochgelly and are currently working on a set of RULES to govern the cars at the club. We will also allow cars from other manufacturers with similar wheelbase, but they must follow the esc and motor rules, and have a FDR no faster than used by the tamiya cars.

There are 4 chassis's to choose from, with the M07 the latest version. 

Fundamentally it will be the M07 chassis, with any BRCA approved blinky esc with a rrp of £50 or less, a single 17.5 brushless motor, specific tyres and maximum pinion. this will control the cost and speed of the cars.

The club will sell a ARTR setup  which includes M07 (with upgraded gearbox), ESC, motor, tyres and shell for £250 to any member. Just add lipo, servo, transponder and your radio gear, and you have a competitive car to go racing.

Hopups from Tamiya are allowed to strengthen the car, as well as add the essential bling factor.





We will be updating this page in the next few weeks, but the draft rules are here The aim of this class at the club is to keep the costs controlled, we are looking at specifying one esc, one motor, max pinion, control tyres, but allow hop ups that strengthen the car, or add some bling.

Parts and kits will be available trackside at all club meetings.