SCC Info

The Scottish Carpet Championship was a popular series hosted by DDRCC, typically in a large sports hall. These unfortunately became cost prohibitive.

For 2015 we will be running the competition again at Lochgelly Town Hall with cars that are suitable for the size of hall. The majority of cars expected are GT12, the same popular race class that runs every week at the club. We will also have classes for toring car, 1/12 circuit and Tamiya mini's if we get sufficient entries. Racers can run more than one class on the day.

Everyone will be racing for fun, but the winner will be presented with a large annual trophy that will be engraved to show the winner in future years. We also intend to have prizes for everyone, including bodyshells, and chocolate.

GT12 will run to the club 12.1 rules, Touring cars will run to club rules (13.5 blinky), 1/12th circuit will be club rules (13.5 blinky) and tamiya mini's will be as run at other clubs.

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