21st September 2010

It is centrally located in Scotland, so far here is what has been organised:
Land sourced
Astro turf sourced
Track markers sourced
AMB, BBK , speakers etc

In planning
Sharp sand - anyone with contacts 20 per tonne
1st Container - awaiting price
2nd container - trying to source
Metal to build rostrum frame/steps - awaiting feedback
Insurance - awaiting quote
tent pegs for holding track down - got prices
toilets - being investigated

Fencing - both farm type and 6 foot
track perimeter fencing
Type 1 for car park 10 per tonne
Mini digger
Lorry with hiab to move astro and containers
Lots of volunteers
A committee to run the club - step forward those that are interested
members - already have a list of those that said they would commit, always need more
racers - start putting the word about, 1/10th electric 2wd & 4wd, nitro 2wd&4wd, truggies, bikes
inner tubes to hold track down
Anyone think of anything I've missed

To build this over the winter and be using regular in 2011

Updated 27th October 2010.

First pictures taking during Container arriving on site:



Updated 5th February 2011

South West corner

Center of track below

East side of track

Some of the motley crew that helped today.

A lot of rain during the week meant the tractor went in deep when moving slabs.


Race control foundations

Drivers pits foundation

Foundations for containers that will host rostrum above

The triple in front of rostrum


Single table top foundations

4 way table top foundations

Large table top foundations


Updated 5th February 2011










Updated 26th February 2011




26th March 2011


Drainage going in

Did you bring the instructions?

Carpark rolled now, drainage in and perimeter tyres

17.64 tonnes of drainage, this was the pile after the car park and container area were completed, just the track to do.

path going in between containers



Update 29th March 2011

Testing to see if you could clear the table top !!!!

Pit space once we get some grass in.

South East table top

Triple in, should be fun.

This is a large table top on a corner, should be interesting.

Table top and triple can be seen here, plus in the background the ripples to the left.

4 way table top, still to check visibility from rostrum.


2nd April 2011


Grass seed went down today, lets hope we get some decent weather.

The problem puddle, it's just about off the track, but will need some work to sort.

Slow progress with rostrum, most of the work has been getting the base solid on the container.



17th April



30th April


Stairs up today, future compound tidied up.

Large 45deg table top, just need side tidied up in the future.

Table top complete, just need rain to allow grass to grow.

4 way tabletop completed

Top soil down and rolled, just need rain for the grass to grow.



7th May 2011



www.youtube.com/embed/CJqKz2hB-sY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>