If you are interested in starting to race radio control cars, but think they are to expensive, think again. With GT12.X cars costs are kept to a minimum, expect to pay approx £350 (if bought new) for your first years racing, this includes car (£100), speedcontroller/13.5 motor/1s LiPO (£100), steering wheel radio & servo (£100), charger/power supply (£35),  LiPO sack (£10), plus club/BRCA membership. Currently there is two makes of car to choose from, the Mardave V12 & the Schumacher Supastox. We have a good stock of Mardave parts at the club to fix any breakages on the night, but we will not be getting any new stock as almost everyone at the club has moved to the Schumacher Supastox/Atom. We have a full stock of Schumacher Supastox parts  available trackside.


Once you have purchased your car you must build it. The cars come in kit form, and will take a couple of nights to build and paint. Follow the instructions in the kit, paying particular note to removing any plastic sprues and flashes. Also take note NOT to over tighten the screws, and if you are fitting the large O rings on the SupaStox, heat them in hot water first to make them more pliable. You will require a couple of tools, the main one being a good quality 2mm allen key. Once the chassis is built, install the radio
equipment as shown, charge the batteries and you are just about finished. All that remains now is to paint the bodyshell, for white abs shells use any good quality cellulose spray paint available from most car accessory shops, and for clear lexan shells use a lexan paint available from either the club or good model shops. Once the paint is finished, cover it with clear lacquer if you used cellulose paint, and when this is dry, attach any stickers you wish.

All the racing is controlled by a strict set of rules designed to reduce costs, and to make the racing equal. In the event of breakages, most spares can be bought for pocket money prices. the most expensive part which you are likely to need to replace are the tyres at £7.

Once the car is built and the paint is dry, check that the car goes forwards in a straight line, and can reverse. Make sure the wheel arches are cut correctly so that the wheels do not catch when turning. If you have any problems with building the kit, either see the shop that you bought it from, or bring it along to a club night and let us get you started racing that night if possible.

For those that currently run the Mardave G2 Brushless system, they can continue to use, but just reduce the max power to 80% for LiPO and 65% for 4cell.

At the moment the Pace 45r brushless speed controller is very popular at the track, these have provided enough power for everyone, as well as being very cost effective in comparison to a brushed setup. The Pace 45r will work directly from a  1s (cell) LiPO battery with a 13.5 brushless motor (must be from the BRCA Electric Board list). There are other speed controllers available, but be aware that some require an additional voltage booster when using the low voltage 1s LiPO battery. The other advantage with this setup is that you can remove all the electrics from your GT12.X car and install it in a 1/10th electric off road buggy (assuming you purchased  LiPO saddle pack batteries). For those that want to use LiPO in their car, and want to know how to add a voltage booster so that the speed controller works of the 3.7V instead of the normal 4.8V, see the Tips 'n' Tricks page:


The club can source everthing you require to go racing, from kits to electrics, as well as paints and tools.



Decoder & PT's

Please note that the club will be using the MyLaps RC4 decoder for  GT12 meetings, this means that ONLY the MyLaps PT's will work.


Club Rules

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These are very similar to the BRCA GT12 rules, but also allow the current club cars to run at no cost. 

Tips 'n' Tricks

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Editable Supastox Setup Sheet

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10th Mar 2013 GT12 'A' Final

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23rd Dec 2012 GT12 'A' Final

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