1/12th Circuit

Following from the BRCA 1/12th Circuit site until updated locally:

Once upon a time, there were only two main classes of racing; 1:8 scale in the summer and 1:12 scale in the winter. Of course times have moved on and new classes have been born. The fact still remains, that once you can master the art of high speed cornering and throttle control on a small tight track, you can drive anything in the R/C world.

Many of our idols today, have cut their teeth in 1:12 racing up and down the country. Small tracks, big tracks, all learning grounds waiting to be challenged, not forgetting the fun, parties and stories to be told by the hardcore that still follow today.

We always welcome new racers to our chosen class of racing. We see the frustration and heartache, as they try their best to learn the art, and that’s in the bar alone. That brings a smile to us all as we remember what we went through in our early days.

One advantage of the 1:12 section is that we only race indoors on carpet and unlike most clubs who only race during those winter months, we race all year round.

Set-up cost

Like any class of racing, it will cost for the initial outlay of equipment, such as a car, batteries, radio gear, charger, etc.

The main factors in this class are:

  • You only need a couple of 19T motors.
  • You can compete using a few battery packs.
  • A few sets of tyres.
  • A handful of spares and a small pit box.
  • Your equipment lasts a lot longer, e.g. speed controllers and servos.
  • Electricity is always on site - "no flat 12 volts".
  • The help and support of other drivers.
To set yourself up from scratch may not cost you as much as you think. Shopping around for second hand equipment will be even cheaper. If you already race, a car, servo, tyres and bodyshells will be all you require.




Club Rules

  • Only 19T and 13.5 Brushless motors as per BRCA list allowed for 1/12th Circuit
  • 1/12th circuit can use any foam tyre